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What We Believe

At Graham Street Church of Christ we gather as the body of Christ to unite with other Christians in relationship, worship to God and the journey of life. Our passion for God, connection to the body, and desire to serve allows us to be the hands and feet of God in His redemption plan. 

We believe in one true living God who is the Creator of all life. He has revealed Himself as eternally existing in three persons -Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God loves us and desires a relationship with us. He sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to earth to reflect God's nature and to free us from the power of sin. 

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, written to show His desire for a relationship with ALL mankind. It is the ultimate truth and final authority for our lives according to God's will for us. 

We believe in personal, individual salvation offered through God's mercy and grace rather than through our works. The gift of salvation comes through faith in the saving work of Jesus Christ and his death on the cross. Salvation is available to all who put their trust in Jesus Christ as Savior. 

​We believe water baptism is a faith response to accept God's grace found in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. Immersion symbolizes our sharing in His death and resurrection, the washing away of sins and birth to a new forgiven life. We encourage believers to follow Christ's example in the waters of baptism. 

We believe worship should praise and honor God in a genuine, Spirit-filled response. We gather on the first day of the week to remember Jesus' sacrifice and proclaim His resurrection by celebrating the Lord's Supper. We worship Him as we encourage fellow believers and reach out with God's love in order to bring people into a saved relationship with our God. 

We believe Jesus will gather all the saved, both living and dead, and carry them to heaven to receive a new, immortal body and live in the presence of God for all eternity. 

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