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Foster's Home

Graham Street supports Sherwood and Myrtie Fosters Home for Children and several of the house families worship and serve with us. We have other members who are also employed at Fosters.

About Fosters Home

Sherwood and Myrtie Foster’s Home for Children has embraced the Sanctuary Model of Trauma Informed Care as the conduit for implementing its mission to children and families suffering from violence, neglect, abuse, addiction, racism and trauma. Sanctuary is based on trauma theory and systems theory, which makes it particularly effective for an entire organization. Sanctuary is based on the idea that healing from trauma, stress and adversity requires creating an environment that promotes healing.

  • Foster’s Home for Children is an Accredited Charity by the Better Business Bureau, having met their 20 standards of accreditation by the Better Business Bureau for each of the last 10 years.

  • Foster’s Home for Children owes no debt.

  • From 2006-2011, over $4 million was invested in campus expansion and renovation. Fosters Home is currently in a capital campaign which will invest another $4.5 million in further expansion and improvements. This will be completed in 2020.

  • The mission of Foster’s Home is to “provide sanctuary and healing to children of trauma.” To accomplish this, they have implemented the Sanctuary Model®, and have been a certified Sanctuary site for 8 years.

  • Fosters Home regularly achieves over 99.9% compliance rating on state licensing standards.

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