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What to expect

We welcome you to Graham Street Church of Christ and thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. If this is the first time you will be visiting with us, we want to give you an idea of what to expect upon your arrival.

   Arriving and Times

First, you will find visitor parking on the South side of the building (entrance is on W Tarleton St). Please park there and make your way in through the four large glass doors.

On Sunday mornings, we offer a variety of Bible classes for all ages starting at 9:00 am. For our smallest visitors we also provide a fully-staffed Nursery.  Class ends at 9:45 and our assembled worship begins at 10:00.

   Our Worship

We have 3 primary goals in our worship at Graham Street Church of Christ.  

We call them the 3 E’s:

  1. To Exalt God!

  2. To Edify the Church Family!

  3. To Encourage the Lost to Find a Relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord.

Whether you are a regular member, a frequent guest, or a one-time visitor, we hope you find a sense of being drawn closer to God in an environment of friendly encouraging people.  You will receive a friendly greeting and a bulletin with information about our services.  Feel free to ask for assistance and information.  We sing and take communion together, if you are comfortable, join us, or you are welcome to just watch and listen.  We always have a lesson presented from the Bible and take up a collection. You do not need to feel embarrassed if you are not familiar with the study material or feel obligated to give anything. We encourage you to take in what you wish, and give us a chance to answer your questions and share the sense of strength we gain from our worship experiences.  

If you have children, we have an attended nursery for the babies. We also have a special worship experience for children ages 3 through 3rd grade to which they go after participating in a collection of change for purchasing Bibles for people who don’t have one. Your children can participate if you wish, or they can just follow the other children out of the auditorium to their children’s worship area.  You are welcome to go with them and observe their very special worship experience on their level.

If you have any questions, need prayers, or are interested in getting involved, please fill out a Connection Form. We also invite you to stop by our Welcome Center in the Church Foyer before or after services. 

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